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As the renewables industry has been ongoing now for nearly three decades there are a number of historic wind farms approaching their ‘end of life’ working cycle.

Melrose Engineering have the ability, knowledge & knowhow to assist developers in the decommissioning of Offshore assets in a safe & time effective manner.

With connections country wide we at Melrose can mobilise decommissioning equipment at short notice should the need arise.

Our experienced personnel have been involved in the decommissioning of numerous offshore assets including meteorological masts for different client’s country wide.

We can offer full document packages based around specialist cutting equipment for both above sea and sub sea cutting.


Decommissioning services within the following industries

The offshore wind industry has historically focused on setting up new projects, with the decommissioning phase receiving little attention. This can cause future problems as decommissioning needs to be planned at the beginning to prevent complications that may arise, as it implies important operations and high costs. There are numerous features that make decommissioning a challenge, such as the marine environment, the technical limitations of vessels and the lack of specific regulations that determine what should be done, increasing the uncertainty of the process. Additionally, the unique characteristics of the sites involve exclusive optimal solutions for each project.

Owners of oil and gas installations and pipelines are required to decommission their offshore infrastructure at the end of a field’s economic life and the 1998 Act requires owners to set out the measures to decommission disused installations and/or pipelines in a decommissioning programme.


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Bringing the necessity for experienced and dedicated project management to the forefront of all wind energy developments to deliver the most efficient projects that deliver long term success.