• Accredited wind energy consultants


Main Component Exchange is a critical element of the maintenance and operation of any windfarm that brings many considerations and challenges. We ensure projects are carried out safely and efficiently, minimising downtime.

We have delivered a range of support services to assist in installation and maintenance projects involving the exchange of critical equipment and components.

Our teams are specialised in the exchange of main components onshore and offshore. We bring together the different strands of the complex and precisely coordinated logistics processes, considering all the elements we do know – such as weight and size – and those we don’t, such as weather, wind force, and others that could possibly interrupt delivering against the objective. Our lean work flow process is based on many years of experience and has been proved on many projects.


Our experience covers the following components:

  • Gearboxes
  • Blades
  • Drive trains / main shafts
  • Transformers
  • Generators
  • Pitch cylinders
  • Blade bearings
  • Pitch bearings


To become the benchmark for project management and utility services for the wind energy sector. Providing the best and most experienced talent from around the globe.

Bringing the necessity for experienced and dedicated project management to the forefront of all wind energy developments to deliver the most efficient projects that bring long term success.