• Accredited wind energy consultants

Project Management

Melrose Engineering provide project management and utility services specifically for the wind energy sector. We make sure that our customers don’t lose time and money by delivering tailor made processes delivered by the most experienced and skilled people.

Inconsistency in teams, planning and delivery leads to inconsistencies in quality. Our project management service bringing real business benefits through delivery of on time, on budget, high quality projects. Melrose Engineering was created following our experience of working on the delivery of some of the biggest wind farms in the UK. Seeing that there was a clear need for dedicated project management that focus on quality, cost and delivery.

We act in our client’s interests to quickly optimise results so they’re not missing opportunities or losing valuable time and money.

  • Agile management team who has experience in scoping the exact procedures and skills required to enforce a LEAN process.
  • Uniform attitude to quality consistency and its implications at a strategic level and an operational level, to aid personnel in their daily work.
  • Focus on value creation while eliminating waste and non-essential processes.
  • Early and documented planning, reporting and measuring.
  • ISO 9001:2015 accredited and Achilles partner.


Our robust management system controls each step throughout any project within the wind energy sector. We break every project down into the following typical processes:

All projects come with a method statement or work scope that includes a breakdown of each job to complete. This includes manpower requirements, procedures to follow, and qualifications needed, such as rope access, NDT 3.8 3.9, CSWIP 3.1, HSE. This will also include all asset drawings, P&ID drawings, punch item lists, reference lists, photos and all relevant information and history regarding each job to commence a robust audit trail.

This process controls and coordinate overall work activity in high risk working environments. It is part of an overall safe system of work in determining how potentially dangerous jobs can be carried out safely. Regulations were introduced in the UK Offshore Oil and Gas Industry in 1976 requiring the implementation of Permit to Work Systems for certain specified activities.

Permit will be created by the client through a third-party source and managed closely through us.

Each and every job has a procedure to which the work force must comply to. This gives a clear work instruction from objectives, scope, references, definitions & abbreviations, through to documents & records, techniques and acceptance criteria. These generally run alongside industry standard methods such as EN ISO 11666 for example.

A daily work completion tracker captures all work activities from all teams or personnel. This typically includes an asset number, item/weld number, Priority Number, Status, Progress, date, comment. Allowing for detailed reporting and progress tracking, customisable to suit each project.

All personnel details are stored on our management system, including a full profile of each candidate, their skillset and expiry dates for each certification. This allows us to easily allocate personnel and full teams for job planning and association of reports undergoing, remaining and completed.

Real time statistical report population through the data captured from the work scope tracking and the timeline schedule to give an overview of planned over actual. Giving us the ability produce tailored, usable daily, weekly and monthly reports for our customers.


To become the benchmark for project management and utility services for the wind energy sector. Providing the best and most experienced talent from around the globe. Bringing the necessity for experienced and dedicated project management to the forefront of all wind energy developments to deliver the most efficient projects that bring long term success.