• Accredited wind energy consultants


Representing our clients to ensure all procedures, processes and risk assessments are correctly followed and maintained throughout the project stages.


Here are some of the auditing stages we focus on

We integrate a member of our Highly skilled team into your daily operations, we get to understand your processes and procedures, while offering support and advise.

We review your work packs, Risk assessments and Method Statements and offer advice and support to achieving your goals

We work together to tailor you a user-friendly system for your document control and daily operations.

We understand the importance of Quality project coordination and the cost that comes with poor Management.

Melrose can manage and design the full infrastructure and system development to work around your work scopes

We offer an after care Service, and regular support to help you achieve your KPI’s and targets, Melrose is on hand to help and guide you through your projects and goals.


Melrose engineering is born with a mission to become the leading and go-to QA/QC management team for wind energy projects. We have a clear focus to stay true to the industry without spreading ourselves to thin across multiple industries. We believe by sticking to wind energy, we can become the best in the market.