• Accredited wind energy consultants


Melrose Engineering Consultants ltd have a vast Knowledge of Industry Experience within the Wind Industry, we have a Proven Track record of Creating and Implementation of Technical Documentation and delivery of this to Customers all over the Globe.

We have a Team of Highly skilled and experienced Professionals Qualified to the highest standard to create the documentation that meets your needs.


Examples of Documentation Writing Services we off

  • Task Specific Procedures
  • Lifting Plans
  • WTG Post energy Checklists
  • Offshore Electrical and Mechanical Safety Rules
  • Competency Matrix
  • Scope of Works Documentation
  • Specific Lifting Equipment Lift Plan
  • Site Access Procedure
  • Safe System of works procedure
  • WTG Pre Energy Checklists
  • VLF Testing Procedures
  • SCADA Testing Protocol
  • HV Termination Checklists
  • Risk Assessed Method Statements
  • Switchgear Communication Testing
  • Electrical Isolation Procedures
  • Health, Safety and Environmental Procedures
  • Emergency Response Plan
  • Project Health & Safety Plan
  • Offshore Construction Phase Plan
  • Competency Matrix
  • Site Access Procedure
  • Offshore Communication Procedure
  • Management of chemicals and Hazardous Substances Procedure (inc COSHH)
  • General Operations Procedure


Melrose engineering is born with a mission to become the leading and go-to QA/QC management team for wind energy projects. We have a clear focus to stay true to the industry without spreading ourselves to thin across multiple industries. We believe by sticking to wind energy, we can become the best in the market.